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The Friends of Oleta River State Park is a dedicated and passionate 501(c)(3) nonprofit citizen support organization that sponsors events, raises funds, and advances the goals and missions of Oleta River State Park.

In 2016 the Friends Top Park Goal buzzwords are:
Citizen Science + Education - Butterfly Garden -
Park Cleanups + Recycling - Better Bike Trails 
Best Volunteer, Recreational + Community Events
Urban Sustainability + Resilience Promotion
 It is Summer Vacation time!  We have volunteering nearly every week and weekend - some led along with the Young Friends of Oleta
email us for more info - next event is HERE

Summer Volunteering w/ Young Friends - Monday - Wednesday + Friday - July 24 + 26 + 28!

♻️ Recycling now happening at Oleta!!! ♻️

SUMMER is great time to JOIN the Friends of Oleta! Individual Membership = 12 FREE Park entrances for $20

Mountain Bike Trails: Volunteer + Event photos

We are RECYCLING at Oleta! Our pilot is inspired by the key idea that little steps by MANY can lead to IMPACTFUL CHANGE

want to Join Us? Oletaspfriends@gmail.com

Who should join? Anyone who values nature and community wellness; wants to improve access to adventure sports, outdoor fitness, and environmental education; and is driven to preserve and protect Oleta's vital natural resources should join in our mission.

 Join the Friends of Oleta River State Park now to help protect and preserve the Park for our community today and for FUTURE generations!

Contact Oleta River State Park directly here:


Upcoming events

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Recycling Pilot launched! Look for bins near beach + pavilion areas!

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2016 Photos: Volunteers + Events

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Biscayne Times 2016 article on Oleta w/ quotes from the Friends of Oleta:

Down Time bErik Bojnansky



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